"Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary use words. "  ---St. Francis of Assisi



Thomas Presbyterian Church is dedicated to involving members in mission activities. Members, individually and in groups, share God's love while ministering to the physical, social, and emotional needs of others. Some mission activities involve long-term, on-going projects; others are short-term directed at meeting specific immediate needs. 


Members of Thomas Presbyterian Church have been part of mission trips to Haiti where medical teams provided immunizations and other medical treatment to adults and children. Construction teams have been part of building schools, providing clean water, and medical facilities. Teaching teams have provided educational opportunities to train adults in a trade that allows them to work and provide for their families. 


Thomas mission teams have travelled to areas of our country providing disaster relief to those affected by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.


And, Thomas Church members work within the local community as volunteers helping those in need. Volunteers serve in the local food pantry, serve the congregation's homebound and provide funeral meals to families who are grieving. Church members, 16 years and older, perform home building tasks at designated locations in the community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and members of all ages perform a variety of tasks at City Mission. 


Those who cannot travel to the mission sites participate by donating supplies and other materials needed, as well as offering financial support. 


Thomas Church's ministries and missions provide its member with many opportunities to extend God's love to others.


If you would like to volunteer for any of our ministries, please contact the church office at 724-941-8910.





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