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Administrative and Ministerial Staff and Church Officers

Every member of Thomas Church is a God gifts all people for ministry and to build his kingdom here on earth.  Our congregation is blessed with gifted members who share their time and talents to do God's work here on earth. Our staff serves in leading and encouraging our members to demonstrate Jesus through the ministries to which each has been called. Elders are elected to discern God’s mission for Thomas Church and to assure that our energies and resources are directed to that purpose. Deacons express the compassion of Christ by caring for needs of individuals within and outside the church. Thomas Church is blessed to be a blessing to people in our congregation and community as well as in the world.                             




Head of Staff                            Office/Business Manager                                                         

                                                Bob Lutz                                                                           




Administrative Assistant          Music Director

 Emily Carroll                           Julie Galati   



Organ, Piano, Keyboard           Director, Thomas Prescshool

Michelle & David Zimmerman    Terri Kleinhans




Thomas 2's                                Custodian/Maintenance

Kathy Gaab                                 Dennis Luisi

724-941-8910                              724-941-8910



Session Members


Class of 2019:  Kathi Durkin, Les Schmigel, Marilyn Goodwill, Tess Diesing

Class of 2020:  Rich Gardner, Lina Hixson, Sharon Richards, Bob Thomas

Class of 2021:  Kristen Heinze, Peggy Flynn, Jackie Riebel




Class of 2019:  Pat Butto, Denise Dahl

Class of 2020:  Theresa Craig, Cindy Tomsic

Class of 2021:  Cathy Skinner, Cheryl Dudra



Thomas Teams

Thomas Church has put together teams of volunteers who serve to help carry out the ministries of the church. The teams are led by Elders (members of Session) and staffed by committed volunteers. Teams are ways for individuals to live out their faith while providing opportunites for spiritual growth, Christian fellowship, hospitality, service to others, care and compassion, and leadership to members of the church. It is through these teams and their ministries that Thomas Church glorifies God.  For more information about these teams, or if you would like to be involved, please contact the church at:




Joyful Community - A warm welcome and acceptance of all who enter God's "Thomas Church". This teams provides opportunities for hospitality to members as well as guests. 


Life Changing Worship - A relevant, thought provoking message with inspiring heartfelt music. This team is charged with planning and preparing opportunites for worship that are Christ-centered and inspirational. 


Adventurous Faith - Reaching to all ages in exciting ways to challenge the old faithful and grow the new. This team looks to provide opportunities for spiritual growth through study, small groups and special programs. 


Inspiring Generosity - Recognizing the condition of ones heart leads to all ways of giving. This teams encourages members in their financial support of Thomas Church and its mission and ministries. 


Impactful Service - Community focused events and programs that lead to our ultimate call as Christians. Serving individuals and programs that provide support and help to those in need.


Holistic Caring - Spiritual and physical care often on a one-to one basis with trained care givers. 


Fruitful Leadership - Carefully discerning the internal leadership of Thomas Church as growth calls one to serve in a leadership role.



Sunday Mornings



is served the first Sunday of the month at 10:00AM


Sunday School

Children's Sunday School

for children ages pre-school through 5th grade

meets during the 10:00AM Worship Service


 Youth Confirmation Class and

Adult Sunday School meet at 9:00AM




Childcare is provided during the Adult Sunday School hour and the Sunday Morning Church Service for newborns to 3yrs old








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